About Us

We were established in 2010 and have grown in both expertise and experience to offer each and every horse that comes to us the security that they need and deserve.

Our journey started with just a few acres and a few horses but our passion for thoroughbreds, determination and tenacity has helped us grow into an established retraining and rehoming centre, the only one of its kind in the North East, with 30 horses in our care at any one time and a reputation that we are proud of.

Since our inception the priority for New Beginnings has been, and always will be, the welfare of our horses and those horses that are looking for a safe and secure home.

Accreditation & Assurances

We are proud of the level of care we provide all the horses that come into our care. We strive to be the best that we can be, and provide the best care for all our former racehorses, to prove this, like most businesses we are assessed by outside organisations which are as follows:

Accredited by the RoR (Retraining of Racehorses)

We are proud to be one of only ten centres in the country to be accredited to the RoR.

To be one of the ten centres we had to meets certain key criteria and pass an on-site inspection by the RoR Welfare Consultant and an official from the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). To become a RoR Accredited Rehoming Centre, we signed up to the RoR’s Code of Practice and agree the terms for the funding of horses within the Vulnerable Horse Scheme. Our premises was also subject to inspection.

The accreditation procedure included the involvement of an independent, third party, the British Horseracing Authority (BHA). The BHA provided experienced officials, veterinary officers or stable inspectors, to assist the RoR Welfare Consultant in conducting inspections of the premises.

The centre was assessed in a range of areas to ensure that we met the criteria of an Accredited Rehoming Centre. As well as checking that the on-site facilities were of a high standard, such as stabling, exercise, schooling and turn-out areas, we were also assessed on our staffing, veterinary care provisions, re- homing programme and governance, as well as the overall sustainability of the operation. Accreditation is renewed on an annual basis and each centre is provided with a RoR Accredited Rehoming Centre kitemark to show they have been formally approved as meeting the criteria required to receive funding for the rehabilitation, retraining and rehoming of vulnerable former racehorses.

For more information of the work of the RoR please visit their website www.ror.org.uk


Membership provides an assurance to both the public and the industry that horses welfare is our priority.

NEWC, is an organisation that works to protect horses, ponies, donkeys and mules, by providing support, guidance and a communication forum to equine organisations, businesses and charities to help raise equine welfare standards nationwide.

We are very proud to be Full Equine Welfare Members, NEWC are doing incredibly important work for welfare standards in the UK. If you would like to know more about NEWC please take a look at their website www.newc.co.uk/

Again like the RoR this is an annual accreditation. We have an annual inspection where they inspect our premisses, our paper work, our Health and Safety, medical records and anything else that they feel is relevant to make sure that we put our horses welfare first.

Fund Raising Regulator

We are proud to display the Fundraising Badge on our fundraising materials. It demonstrates that we have agreed to fundraise in-line with the Code of Fundraising Practice and in a way that is legal, honest, open and respectful.

This means that you can have confidence in the way that we carry out our fundraising activities.

So, whether you are thinking of donating to New Beginnings, or if you are fundraising for us through a sporting event or bake sale, you have the confidence in the knowledge that you are supporting an legal, honest open and respectful charity.

Good Business Charter

New Beginnings are proud to be accredited with the Good Business Charter.

The Good Business Charter is an accreditation which organisations in the UK can sign up to in recognition of responsible business practices.

It measures behaviour over 10 components: real living wage, fairer hours and contracts, employee well-being, employee representation, diversity and inclusion, environmental responsibility, paying fair tax, commitment to customers, ethical sourcing, and prompt payment.

For more information on the Good Business Charter please visit the website https://www.goodbusinesscharter.com/

PEtplan charitable trust

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