Meet Our Team

The team at New Beginnings is a small team, but they share the same passion of securing a safe and secure future for as many former racehorses as they can. They all have their role of expertise and together provide a “Life Past The Post” for former racehorses.

Kevin Atkinson

Kevin Atkinson

I started riding as a young boy and being the son of a Yorkshire farmer, I always got the ponies that were difficult our quirky, and to be honest nobody else really wanted, but they taught me to ride!

I was fortunate to be part of the Pony Club with the high light of each year being Pony Club Camp. I owe a lot of my passion to these early days, when through a structured environment we learned so much, not just about riding but about how to look after these wonderful animals.

My love of thoroughbreds developed by chance when as an adult I took on a difficult quirky mare who learned to trust me and made me realise just how much they have to give and will give and work with you, if you use the right approach.

My life now is dedicated to working with these wonderful horses to give them the best possible chance of a happy and secure future. To show the racing public the high welfare that these horses get and deserve both during and after racing. I feel very lucky to work with thoroughbreds every day.

Pam Atkinson

Pam Atkinson

I have loved horses my whole life and started riding at a local riding school as my 10th birthday present. Despite growing up on a housing estate and having a non-horsey family, I have never lost my love and passion for all equines and the great outdoors. I always say loving horses is a lifelong condition and there’s absolutely no cure, not that I would ever want one!

My fascination with thoroughbreds started later in life when I got my first former racehorse. He taught me so much, mainly that they will give you their heart and soul if they trust you and you show them compassion and respect. Since then, I have dedicated my life to working with thoroughbreds to improve their lives and positively promote the true versatility of these wonderful horses.


Holly Harrison

Holly Harrison

Coming from a non-horsey family I found my own way in to the racing industry at 12 years old when I went to the local racing yard and asked for a job, that’s where my passion for thoroughbreds started. The first horse I owned was a particularly quirky 2 year old filly, through trial and error I learned how rewarding retraining can be. That’s what headed me down the career path which eventually took me to spending 5 years in Australia working for racing New South Wales. I joined New Beginnings in February 2020 and I love working here, we’re a great team of like-minded individuals who share the same passion of securing a safe future for former racehorses, and promoting their incredible versatility. I particularly enjoy seeing the horses improvement and creating strong foundations of trust and confidence through groundwork and seeing this carried on through their ridden careers and in to their forever homes.

Pippa Norris

Pippa Norris

Since before I could walk , horses have always been an important part of my life. As a family we have always owned and ridden horses and it was my mum who taught me to ride and helped me to continue to progress over the years. I graduated from Askham Bryan College, gaining my BSc (Hons) Equine Management and gained the Minster Equine Best Student award at the end of my degree for my work and passion towards my subject.

Before New Beginnings I worked at a couple of competition yards as Head Girl, strengthening my knowledge and allowing me to work with a range of horses. From this I realised I loved seeing a horse progress through the levels and fulfil its potential and thoroughly enjoyed spending time getting them ready for shows and being their person they relied upon when staying away competing.

At New Beginnings I love seeing a horse come in and gain confidence through spending time with them. Watching their characters come out and seeing their progress through working them makes this job really special and very rewarding. You can’t beat the feeling of a horse giving you it’s trust, it’s an honour and one I am lucky to see often working at New Beginnings.

Charlotte Pepper

Charlotte Pepper

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We have a few very special horses that will remain with us for the rest of their lives…
These are our Ambassador horses.


- Mister McGoldrick

who is well known by many, not just because of his racing career, but for the many years he has stood on Yorkshire racecourses representing New Beginnings. Mac has retired from personal appearances now as he is in his mid 20’s

Remy & Nico

- Goldream & Nearly Caught

We have a couple of new horses Goldream (Remy) and Nearly Caught (Nico) who between them had earnings of nearly £950,000. They have been retrained as riding horses and have both been out doing some dressage competitions. We started working with them last year getting them used to going back onto racecourses, they will be back out on Yorkshire’s racecourses this year, allowing the racing public to get up close and touch a horse often for the first time.


- Chil The Kite

Chil does not have the temperament to stand on a racecourse all day, but he will be out doing ridden parades on racecourses along competitions representing New Beginnings and showing the true versatility of these wonderful horses.

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