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Please complete all the sections in the enquiry form below, this will give us the best picture of you and what you are looking for.

As we do not sell our horses but look for long term loan homes it is important for New Beginnings to match you to the right horse.

Before considering applying to loan a New Beginnings horse…

Please remember that our horses have been athletes and like any athlete they may have had some wear from being a racehorse. If the horse that we feel is suitable for you has had any former issues or has any vices, we will discuss these with you to give you the full picture. All our horses will have been seen by our vet, will have had their teeth checked and if necessary, had a visit from the physio before we start to re-school them. We do not produce dressage or event horses but saying that a lot of our horses do go onto compete. Our objective is to produce horses that can carry themselves, school nicely and hack out alone or in company. Please also be aware that we don’t loan to anyone under the age of 18.

Horse Enquiry Form

Horse enquiry form

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What level of performance are you hoping to achieve?
How often do you ride
Do you have experience with former racehorses?

About horse

What preference do you have for height?
What preference do you have for gender?
What vices can you manage / live with?

About accommodation

Where will the horse be kept?
Address where the horse will be kept?
How are the fields fenced?
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You will be asked to complete a ridden assessment on your first visit. Please come prepared.
Please note that there will be a small charge of £25.00 for this assessment, this will need to be paid when booking your visit.

Additional notes

All our horses when ready are loaned to long term loan homes, we never sell our horses. This gives both you and the horse the security of knowing that is anything goes wrong the horse will be returned to New Beginnings. Loaning a horse is a huge commitment both in time and money. If you loan a horse from New Beginnings, you are responsible for all the ongoing costs just as if you had bought the horse.
We ask that you have insurance cover for the horse so that should the horse require veterinary treatment the funds are available and liability cover is in place.
Please understand that to get the horses to the stage that they are at, when we put them onto our Loaning scheme, has taken a lot of time and subsequently money. Therefore, to help towards these costs we ask for a small donation of £2,000 and a minimum regular ongoing donation of at least £10.00 per month.


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