Pam and Kevin Atkinson

Pam and Kevin do not come from a racing background but they both share a united passion for thoroughbred horses and understand their needs and impressive scope and ability to adapt to a wide spectrun of equestrian disciplines.

Pam and Kevin share the responsibility for running the charity in the same way that they share the running of the yard. They started New Beginnings in 2010, from a small yard near Pocklington, which they soon outgrew and moved up the hill to Low House Stud at Hanging Grimston, a much larger yard rented to them from Halifax Estates. This allowed them to grow, take on more horses to re-train and re-school them in a safer environment. In 2016 they made the decision to change the structure of the business from a CIC (Community Interest Company) to a registered Charity. In 2017 with the help of Lord and Lady Halifax they moved to The Grange at Bishop Wilton, where with the help of many beneficiaries they have developed the yard into a purpose-built equestrian centre to provide a safe environment with the facilities they need, to re-train and re-home former racehorses.

Mark Holmes

Mark joined New Beginnings in 2015 on a part time basis. He loves riding and schooling horses so was the ideal person to join the team. Mark appreciates the true versatility of these fantastic horses and joined full time in 2016.

Katie Limbrick

Katie joined New Beginnings in January 2019. She truly understands the needs of former racehorses. Katie enjoys working with them either from the ground or ridden and she too is a true convert to these facinating horses.

Both Mark and Katie have come from a riding school back ground so are ideally placed to help Pam and Kevin assess potential loaners style of riding, to make sure they are matched with the right horse.