Donating your Horse

We take horses straight from training or from private post racing homes.

New Beginnings aims to retrain and re-home former racehorses into useful and fulfilling lives. Every horse that comes to New Beginnings will be given security for the rest of their natural life as we never sell our horses but look for long term loving homes. Once re-homed, if circumstances change the horse will always return to New Beginnings. We offer a safe and secure future.

Donating a horse starts here

About your horse donation

We take horses straight from racing but also from private post racing homes, where for whatever reason, you can no longer look after your horse.

We do not have an age limit on horses coming into New Beginnings, but we concentrate on horses that can physically cope with retraining; we do not operate as a sanctuary.

Seasonal variations and current numbers on site restrict us but we do run a strict waiting list. The waiting list is reviewed regularly to ensure neither horse nor potential owners are waiting for months unnecessarily.

The process to donate your horse to new beginnings.

The requirements below are necessary to secure the future of New Beginnings and to ensure the best care is given to every horse, providing it with a safe and secure future for the rest of its natural life.

Step 1:
Visit the Donating your Horse Application Form page

Visit the Donating your Horse Application Form page and fill the form out with as much detail as possible

Step 2:
Fill out the Donating your Horse Application Form

On the form you must notify us of any previous or ongoing injuries and temperament traits the horse has or has previously had. This may result in us requiring an additional veterinary check prior to us agreeing to accept the horse. This could include blood tests and x-rays.

We do not discriminate if a horse has had injuries, ailments or problems, we just ask for the most honest and comprehensive report as possible to help us ensure the best future care for your horse.

Step 3:
Once you submit the form, we’ll be in touch

Submit the form to New Beginnings, and we will be in touch on the preferred method of contact you’ve submitted, we will then arrange next steps and possibly ask some follow up questions.

Step 4:
Send Medical information about your horse

Before the horse is admitted we will need a full clinical report from your veterinary practice. This will be assessed by our vet and if our vet is happy that your horse is fit enough to be retrained then we can proceed.

Step 5:
Proof of a negative strangles ELISA blood test

We ask for a negative strangles ELISA blood test to be forwarded to us prior to the horse coming in. The owner is responsible for the arrangement and cost. This needs to be done within a few days of your horse coming to us.

Step 6:
Flu Vaccinations

It is essential that the horse’s flu vaccinations are up to date before he / she arrives. If they are not you will be required to pay for the first 3 vaccinations. We cannot accept a horse into our care until it has adequate cover, therefore the first 2 injections must have been administered.

Step 7:
Donate to New beginnings

When we take your horse in, we request a donation to be made that this reflects the cost of the care needed to keep and retrain your horse and give it security for the rest of its natural life. Our minimum donation is the equivalent of one month’s training fees. As you can appreciate this bears no resemblance to the actual costs of retraining and finally rehoming your horse. On average in a 12-month period each horse in our care will cost us in the region of £5000. We hope you will consider this when offering your donation. If you cannot afford a donation, please talk to us as we will still endeavour to help as the welfare of each and every horse is our priority. All donations are non-specific.

Step 8:
Become a Friend of New Beginnings

We request that you become a ‘Friend of New Beginnings’ as it is crucial that we continue our work to protect your horse and all horses in our care. As a Friend of New Beginnings your regular monthly donation amount ensures that we can continue to give your horse the security and protection it deserves, for the rest of their life.

Step 9:
A non-racing agreement will be lodged at Weatherbys

This is additional peace of mind for you as it prevents any racing entries being made for your horse in the future. We will also change the owners name on the horse passport to New Beginnings, this will remain the name in the passport as we do not allow loaners to change this. We ask that you contribute to the costs for this which is £26.00

Step 10:
Delivery of your horse to New Beginnings

When all the paperwork is in order and the donation is received, we will agree a delivery or collection date. You can either bring the horse to us or we can collect. If we arrange collection you will be required to contribute to the cost of the transport. Our current rate is £1.00 per mile round trip. The minimum charge is £50.00

Step 11:
Life at New Beginnings

When your horse arrives at New Beginnings it will be individually assessed. A rehabilitation or re-training programme will then be developed to suit its individual needs.

Your horse will be regularly assessed whilst under the care of New Beginnings both on the premises here and at any potential new home. You are welcome to phone us at any time for an update on your horse’s care and development. If we are not available to take your call, we will always call you back.

Donating your Horse Application Form

Donating your horse application form

your personal details

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Your horse General info

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Your horse medical info

Please give as much information as possible
Please give as much information as possible
Are you happy for us to access your horse’s full clinical history from your vet?

Your horse racing info

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Additional notes

If you are inquiring in relation to a private post racing home do you have any objection to us sharing this information with the RoR (Retraining of Racehorses)

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