Retraining methodology

New Beginnings is a registered Charity who retrain and re-home former racehorses.

There are around 14,000 racehorses in training in Great Britain with approximately four to five thousand leaving the sport each year. Some of the successful ones go to stud to breed the next generation of racehorses, some go racing abroad, but due to the fantastic versatility of the thoroughbred, many go on to be successfully retrained to go into eventing, dressage, showing, polo or to be a hunter or a hack. 

But what happens to the ones that are quirky or difficult, or fall on hard times later in life? This is where New Beginnings steps in. 

We bring in horses straight from racing or more often from private post racing homes where for whatever reason the owner can no longer look after them. At New Beginnings we also assist the RoR (Retraining of Racehorses) through their ‘Vulnerable Horse Scheme’ to provide care, compassion and stability for the most vulnerable former racehorses that need that extra help and understanding. 

We always have a waiting list of horses to come in, but, we will never turn away a horse that is in desperate need of the care that we offer. 


At New Beginnings we never sell our horses, but once they are ready to be re-homed we look for forever loan home. This enables us to guarantee security for the rest of the horse’s natural life. We offer a safe and secure ‘Life Past the Post’. 


We are now in our tenth year and have grown in both expertise and experience to offer each and every horse that comes to us the security that they need and deserve. Our journey started with just a few acres and a few horses but our passion for thoroughbreds, determination and tenacity has helped us grow into an established retraining and rehoming centre, the only one of its kind in the North East, with 30 horses in our care at any one time and a reputation that we are proud of. 


When a horse comes into New Beginnings it is assessed by our vet and after a suitable time in quarantine they will then be turned away with other horses in selected groups. This allows them to relax and give them the space and time to adjust to life after racing.

Every horse is an individual and we treat them as such, some horses will be turned away for a couple of months, some may be turned away for longer. The time they need is completely dependent on the individual's requirements when they come to us.

Once they are relaxed and are showing signs of looking for a job, their re-schooling will start.

Re-training starts with long lining which allows us to get a feel for the horse from the ground and allow the horse to build its confidence and strength before we get on. When we are happy that the horse is ready to be ridden, we will quietly and calmly re-back them. They will be schooled in our arena and taken out on hacks in the countryside initially in pairs then eventually on their own. Everything is introduced at the horses own pace. This stage often highlights the horses personal strengths – perhaps demonstrating a flair for dressage, jumping or a confident hack. 

This process can take anything from several weeks to many months, but we never rush the horses. We endeavour to work with each individual at its own pace within its own comfort zone. Our aim is to produce horses that can easily move into new disciplines and be successfully re-homed.





New Beginnings commits to look after every horse for the rest of their natural lives.

Please contact us by email on 01759 369810 for more information.


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