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Loaning a Horse from New Beginnings


New Beginnings aims to re-home former racehorses into useful and fulfilling lives.

We do not sell our horses but look for long term permanent loan homes.

Each horse that is on our Loaning Program will have been re-schooled as a safe riding horse. We will tell you everything that we know about the horse so there are no surprises.

Loaning a horse from New Beginnings is not to dissimilar to owning a horse. The main difference is that yu can not sell the horse or if it is a mre breed from her. You will have to constant support from the team at New Beginnings for any issues, they are always at the end of the phone.

Loaning a horse from New Beginnings gives both yourself and the horse security, if your circumstances change the horse will be returned to the care of New Beginnings who will endeavour to find the horse a new home.

The requirements below are necessary to secure the future of New Beginnings and to ensure the best opportunity is given to every horse, providing it with a safe and secure future for the rest of its natural life.


  • Use the "Contact Us Page" and give a full description of the horse you are looking for, an idea of gender, age, ability and an outline of your requirements for a potential loan horse.
  • We need to have a comprehensive account of your experience of handling horses and your riding ability. We may ask for references which should not be from family members.
  • A riding assessment may be conducted either on the prospective loan horse or a New Beginnings horse of our choice. This is certainly not a test, it is just to assess your riding style to help us to assess which horse you will be best suited to and vice versa.

You can visit (at agreed times) to ride the horse in our arena until both parties are in agreement that the relationship between yourself and the horse is secure. If either party feels that the relationship is not working out, then the process will stop. We may offer to work with you and the horse together with minor issues, but this may be chargeable. 

  • We will visit the proposed new yard prior to the horse being loaned. We are only looking at the suitability for the horses needs and to ensure the horses welfare.  We reserve the right to reject any new yard if we feel it is not suitable.             

 We ask that future changes of address be notified to us prior to any move.

  • The horse must be insured for public liability and vets’ fees. We need to see proof of this before our horse goes to its new home.
  • For the duration of the loan period, New Beginnings accepts no further responsibility for any costs relating to insurance, veterinary care, dentist, farrier, physio or any other unnamed costs relating to the horse. The horse’s flu and tetanus vaccinations will be up to date and the horse will have been routinely wormed. It will also have been checked by our farrier, dentist, physio (if necessary) and vet (if necessary) within our planned schedule before it is re-homed.
  • When a horse is taken on loan from New Beginnings, we request a donation. This reflects the care of the horse and the work to prepare the horse for its new life and home. It also helps with the on-going running costs of New Beginnings to ensure our future and protect a return home for the horse should it be necessary.  

All donations are non-specific. They are used by New Beginnings to help all the horses in our care to provide them with stability and security.

We request a minimum donation of at least £500.00 for a companion and £1,000 for a riding horse along with a minimum monthly donation of at least £10.00 to help us continue our work, this also alow's you to become a ‘Friend of New Beginnings’

  • New Beginnings will have registered a non-racing / non-breeding agreement, which will be lodged at Weatherbys. We will also have changed the name on the horse passport to New Beginnings and we ask that you do not change this to your name as the horse will ultimately remain a New Beginnings horse.
  • The HORSE will be registered with ROR for their statistics either before, or soon after leaving New Beginnings. This helps to ensure that the whereabouts of former racehorses is accurately recorded and will help with numbers for future initiatives.
  • When a horse is re-homed, we ask that you keep us informed of his / her progress. We will arrange to visit within the first few months, with your agreement, once you are happy that the horse has settled. Future visits will then be approximately every 12 months.



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