Pam Hollingworth and Kevin Atkinson

The charity's two co-directors, Pam and Kevin, are responsible for the core tasks that facilitate all New Beginnings activities; be they day-to-day or at events.

Alongside commitment from Patrons and Trustees they are both supported by an enthusiastic team of volunteers to fulfil the following:

  • General day-to-day running and maintenance of the yard plus daily care and welfare of all the horses
  • Riding and re-schooling the horses in their preparation for a ‘second home’
  • Attendance at, and transport of horses to, promotional events
  • Liaison with trainers and owners
  • Liaison with the owners of potential ‘second home’ yards
  • Identification, management and support of volunteers
  • Marketing and promotion of the organisation through fundraising activities including attendance at special events
  • Financial management of the organisation
  • Development of partnerships with Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) and other existing or potential key stakeholders

The founding team

Pam and Kevin do not come from a racing background but they both share a united passion for thoroughbred horses and understand their needs and impressive scope and ability to adapt to a wide spectrum of equestrian disciplines.

As partners they share the responsibility for running the charity in the same way that they share the mucking out in the yard.

Pam Hollingworth

Pam took a leap of faith and left her previous life as a manager at a medical practice in order to focus her efforts managing the day-to-day running of New Beginnings and raising funds.

Kevin Atkinson

Kevin brings experience and connections from the farming industry to New Beginnings along with an abundance of practical skills.