Retraining methodology

Horses come to us directly from horseracing or from private homes. They may have finished racing because they are not fast enough, injury has halted their career or they are have reached an age where they should retire from the sport. Others, coming from private homes, may have completed their racing career many years ago. Either way, through no fault of their own, many Thoroughbreds find themselves in need of a new home.


Taking a break...

When a horse comes into New Beginnings it is assessed and will then be turned away with a few other horses in selected groups to allow them to relax and become their own horse again.

This ‘time out’ is invaluable, particularly for horses straight out of training as it will allow their race muscle to soften, but more importantly it will allow them time to mentally adjust to life after racing. Every horse is an individual and we treat them as such, some horses will be turned away for a couple of months, some may be turned away for longer. The time they take is completely dependent on the individual's mental state and physical needs when they come to us.

Once they are showing signs of being relaxed and looking for a job we bring them in and their re-schooling starts.


In work...

Re-training usually starts with long lining and ground work, followed by ridden work; everything is introduced at the horse's own pace. This builds confidence and allows each horse to develop physically and mentally. This stage will often highlight their personal strengths – perhaps demonstrating a flair for dressage, jumping or as a confident hack.

This process can take anything from several weeks to many months, but we never rush the horses. We endeavour to work with each individual at its own pace within its own comfort zone. Our aim is to produce horses that can easily move into new disciplines and be successfully re-homed.

New Beginnings commits to look after every horse for the rest of their natural lives.

Please contact us by email on 01759 369810 for more information.

Success stories...


We were approached by the owner of a local livery yard to see if we would take a former racehorse that had come into her care. Cindy was not in a good way, she had been bought from the horse sales to save her from the meat man. Having had a foal the mare was seen to be of no use once it was weaned. 

The livery yard owner intervened and Cindy came into New Beginnings carrying little condition and with an ulcer on her leg. Given time and a considerable amount of care Cindy gained weight and the ulcer on her leg healed. She progressed really well and now re-homed Cindy is enjoying her life with a lady who loves her. The two of them enjoy nothing more than hacking together around the country roads.


Doc had enjoyed some success in his racing career with a win at Beverley, placed second twice and third once. His last race was in December 2009.

Doc had been rehomed straight from racing to a very experienced lady; unfortunately she was unable to keep him and she found him a new home. Sadly, after three weeks the new owners were unable to manage him and contacted us.

Doc was initially challenging as he would not stand near the mounting block and often panicked when being mounted. It appeared Doc liked something going on, having been used to being on a busy yard and worried if it was too quiet. Time and care helped him adapt and he has now found a great new home, is loving life and enjoying his second career.